USDA inspected • Raised humanely near Republic, Washington

The Texas Longhorn was originally imported to North America by the Spanish in 1492, and has been defined and refined by nature. Tested by time and the elements, these range-rugged big-horned cattle exemplify “survival of the fittest,” yielding a meat product up to 80% leaner than other breeds.


  • Goodgrass MeatsFree-range
  • No implants
  • No growth hormones
  • No steroids
  • Lower total fat
  • Higher beta-carotene
  • Higher Vitamin E
  • Higher B vitamins
  • Higher magnesium, calcium & potassium
  • Higher omega-3
  • Lower saturated fat

Our premium ground is made from all parts of the beef, including steaks and roasts, for the best quality. Our meat is processed at a USDA clean and humane facility and is packaged in clear shrink wrap to extend the meat’s quality and integrity in the freezer.

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All-natural grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef