Ranch History

We are a Texas Longhorn Ranch in Northeastern Washington just 20 miles from the Canadian border. Our ranch is 638 acres and we lease BLM land that is¬†adjacent so that we have a total of 1500 acres for the herd to graze on. We used to run Angus but decided we wanted to serve a niche and because Texas Longhorn beef is similar to buffalo in it’s lean nature we decided to go with them. We have had Longhorn Cattle for over 10 years and find that they are easy to manage, give birth with little or no complications and are healthy and hardy animals

Our Cattle are only grass-fed with no hormones, chemicals or antibiotics used. We only work our cattle with horses and border collies with no motorized vehicles used in gathering or working the cattle.  My husband Ron and I own a restaurant in our small town of Republic and we use our beef from the ranch there. Many of our customers have told us that it is the best burger they have ever tasted. We grind all the best parts of the cattle-steaks, roasts, to make a ground beef that is truly superior.

All-natural grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef